Benefits and Harms of Early Morning DayCare for Your Child !

Taking your child to Early Morning Daycare may be beneficial, but there are several problems associated with the concept. Among these is the lack of a morning nap, which can lead to high levels of cortisol in the afternoon. Regardless of your child’s age, there are a few important tips to follow to make the experience as positive as possible for him or her. Here are some things you can do to make the most out of your child’s time at Early Morning Daycare.

High Levels Of Cortisol in The Afternoon

Early Morning Daycare

Researchers have studied the effects of childcare on children’s cortisol levels and found a correlation between naptime practices and child sleep behavior. Two key features of this pattern are noted. While children do not always need naps, it is suggested that mandated naptime may be contributing to the high levels of cortisol in the afternoon. Moreover, daycare staff should consider the fit between naptime practice and child sleep needs.

The study also looked at the impact of age on cortisol levels. It found the greatest increase in cortisol levels during the preschool, infancy, and school-age years. Although the effects of daycare were similar to those at home, differences were noted. It may take months to develop a diurnal pattern of cortisol, but it will persist for years.

Lack Of a Morning Nap

It is not always easy to predict your baby’s nap schedule. In this case, it is best to try to identify when your baby is most likely to fall asleep and when he or she might be having trouble falling asleep. It is better to avoid the early morning session if you can. The following are the most common reasons why your baby isn’t getting a morning nap. If you’re worried that your baby isn’t ready for an afternoon nap, keep reading for tips.

Losing a morning nap may be an adjustment for you. However, you can replace the missed nap with quiet time. Some parents suggest introducing a new routine to break your child’s morning nap routine. This can make the adjustment easier. Adding a new routine or setting up a time for quiet time before bed can be helpful. A toddler’s daily nap schedule should be regulated so that the child gets plenty of rest.

Problems With Early Morning Daycare

Some parents complain that their children suffer from constant sickness and are forced to leave early morning daycare because of a lack of staff. Regardless of whether this is the case or not, parents should treat their daycare providers with respect and remain positive. Moreover, they should be involved in the child’s activities and should care for their wellbeing. Even if your child is sick, you should not keep it in your daycare for the rest of the day, since this can lead to frequent illnesses.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of an Overnight Daycare

Ways To Find A Caregiver

A daycare provider should be screened and interviewed before starting work. The caregiver should have completed a TB test and complete medical checkups. The caregiver should also be available to do light housekeeping, cook meals, and take care of sick children. It’s important to consider the personality of the caregiver before hiring. However, if you’re worried that the caregiver will have a negative attitude toward your child, you can always ask the provider for references.

Another way to find an early morning daycare caregiver is by requesting references from other parents. While daycare providers may not like to refer unhappy parents, you should ask questions to get a feel for the environment and the caregivers. It’s also a good idea to check with the state Better Business Bureau if you are unsure of a specific daycare provider. A good daycare provider will be willing to refer a previous client if the parent was satisfied with the services.

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