DayCare Anime Review **2022**

In this daycare anime, a teacher named Ryuichi takes his kids to the zoo and a movie project involves the use of daycare children. The children are Kotaro, Ryuichi’s little brother, Hayato, Taka, and his cousin, Taka. Each has a unique personality, and they all contribute to the overall humor of the series. These kids make the show a fun, lighthearted way to spend an afternoon.

Ryuichi Takes Daycare Anime Kids To The Zoo

The series is set in the year 2000, and the protagonist, Ryuichi, is a student in the top class. One day, he accidentally leads the daycare kids into the school corridors. This causes Maria Inomata to complain to her brother, Taka. In the end, she gets angry, and she decides to call in a replacement. Takuma is caught by a suspicious man, who turns out to be Taka Kamitani’s father and a famous actor.

Kotaro is Ryuichi’s Little Brother

Daycare anime

Kotaro is Ryuichi’S little brother and is adopted by the school chairwoman Youko Morinomiya after his parents die in a plane crash. She offers to be his guardian until he is old enough to care for himself. However, she cannot keep him by herself, so she asks him to help at the school daycare center.

Daycare Anime – Hayato is Ryuichi’s Classmate

Hayato, the daughter of the head of the Morinomiya Academy, is a young girl with a troubled past. She has lost both her parents in a plane crash and has been forced to take care of the students in her daycare center. However, Ryuichi doesn’t have much experience with children and soon discovers that it isn’t his cup of tea.

Taka is Hayato’s cousin

In “Taka is Hayato’s cousin in daycare anime,” Taka is a cute toddler who was a bit jealous of Hayato. This resulted in him throwing a tantrum at one point, but after Hayato reprimanded him for not setting a good example, Taka decided to use his toy sword to hit Tsugumi. Taka then ran away, crying.

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Daycare Anime – Tsugumi is Tsugumi’s Cousin

Tsugumi Kamitani is the mischievous cousin of Hayato Kamitani. He is a boy with dark hair and narrow cat-like eyes. Although he looks more like Hayato than Taka, he also has some similarities with his cousin, Kotarou. His parents were separated, and he was taken care of by a babysitter. Although Hayato was fond of him, Tsugumi was not.

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