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Discovery Point Daycare has been catering to both parents and children since 1960. We believe in providing our community with affordable and lovingly-provided care. The owners of Discovery Point Daycare have many things to do during their day. For example, a mid-day break could be spent dropping off enrollment coupons or sponsorship applications at nonprofit organizations. Owners may also have personal tasks that they need to complete. In addition, they may take lunchtime, hold down the fort while the directors are away, or simply stay late at the center until the afternoon staff arrives. If the center is particularly busy during the day, owners may want to consider opening at the end of their workday.

Ashton Williams Stopped Breathing At Discovery Point Daycare

The Owners of Discovery Point Daycare

Ashton Williams’s baby, who was found unresponsive and not breathing at the nursery on Monday, had an MRI on Thursday, and tubes were removed to help with the bleeding. According to the nursery’s lawyer, the staff had done their best to help Ashton, but there is no information on how the brain damage resulted. Family friends opened a GoFundMe account to pay for medical care.

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Curriculum Focuses on Literacy

The Discovery Point curriculum is based on research and features books by children in weekly thematic units. It is developed using The Creative Curriculum, a research-based teaching framework aimed at encouraging critical thinking. Children at Discovery Point daycare are grouped into six distinct classes and activities are designed to address their developmental needs. It also combines creative arts with science and math, as well as social skills. To maximize the benefits of the curriculum, the staff works with parents to help implement the program in their homes.

The program at Discovery Point Center is designed to foster independence, literacy, and a love of learning. The centers offer summer camps and enrichment programs. Each center has a commercial kitchen and produces USDA-approved menus for children to enjoy. The centers also educate children about healthy eating. Parents are asked to provide wipes, diapers, and bottles for their children, as well as formula. However, if a parent chooses to send their child to a Discovery Point center for daycare, they will not have to worry about the food.

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Staff Turnover At Discovery Point Daycare

A high staff turnover is not uncommon at Discovery Point Daycare, which serves infants and toddlers from six weeks to 12 years old. With a waiting list of 35 children, it can be a difficult task to find a place to enroll your child. It is important to find a reputable childcare center, as many of them will not accept children younger than three years of age. But there are several ways to make the selection process easier, including reading the staff reviews.

A good child care provider will have consistent hours. The availability of predictable hours helps childcare workers feel secure and happy. Consistent hours also help attract and retain staff. In addition to providing a stable working schedule, childcare workers also feel more secure and confident at their jobs. While turnover can be an inevitable part of any business, it should not prevent you from hiring quality staff. Here are some tips to help you reduce staff turnover at Discovery Point Daycare.

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