Fun Time Daycare – Drug Front Or Organ Harvesting Operation?

Is Fun Time Daycare a drug front or an organ harvesting operation? Or is it just a regular slightly creepy daycare? Despite its slightly creepy reputation, it generates over $92,000 in sales each year. Let’s explore these claims and learn more about this strange, slightly shady daycare. Whether it’s a drug front or an organ harvesting operation, it is a business that makes money by exploiting kids’ vulnerable bodies.

Fun Time Daycare is a Group Day Care Center

Fun Time

If you’re looking for a group daycare center that offers affordable education, consider Fun Time Daycare Inc. Fun Time is a family-based group daycare service with a maximum enrollment of 10 children. Children range in age from six weeks to 12 years. Although the facility doesn’t participate in a subsidized child care program, you can still help to support the organization by reviewing customer reviews.

It is a Drug Front or An Organ Harvesting Operation

The question of whether fun-time kids care is a drug front, an organ harvesting operation, or a black site has sparked speculation on the internet. The name of the daycare itself is a bit creepy, and it seems to cover something nefarious. The CIA, a drug front, or even a secret government black site are all possibilities. There are many reasons for the buzz about the mysterious daycare, but the most obvious one is the alleged abuse of children and drugs.

It is a Normal, Slightly Creepy Daycare

The Fun Time Daycare is a strange place. In the past, it has received a lot of press attention, mostly because of its peculiar visual appearance. Nevertheless, the place has also drawn suspicion due to the graphic language it uses on its Facebook page. The following are some of the more interesting things we learned from our visit to the Fun Time Kidz Day Care. The location is somewhat creepy, but overall, the place is a normal daycare.

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It Generates $92,062 in Sales

In a city where the average family income is $86,730, a Fun Time daycare can make a surprisingly large impact. With 96% tuition coverage, Fun Time daycare can provide low-income families with a high-quality education. The center serves 96 children from working families, and donations bridge the gap between the sliding-scale payment and the unfunded $8,200 cost per child.

It has 5 employees

Fun Time Daycare is a child care center in the North Pole, AK. It is part of the Child Day Care Services industry and employs 5 people. This business generates $92,062 in annual sales. The sales figures are modeled based on the contact information of the principals and employees. However, there may be other factors influencing the sales figures. The sales figures for Fun-Time Child Care may not be entirely accurate.

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