Little Lambs  DayCare in Washingtonville, CA

Little Lambs Daycare is an affordable, clean, and friendly place for your child to spend the whole day. We have a wide range of services that will suit your needs from infant care to preschool.

Little Lamb Daycare Center is a child-focused learning environment for preschool-aged children. It focuses on providing the youngest members of God’s family with an environment that values their safety, rest, nourishment, and recreation. The curriculum is designed to meet the specific needs of preschoolers, but children of all ages are welcome. Read on to learn about the benefits of this childcare facility for your child. It is an excellent choice for a Christian family with small children!

St. Mary’s Little Lambs Preschool

Little Lambs  DayCare

When you are looking for childcare for your children, consider St. Mary’s Little Lambs Preschool. You’ll find reviews from parents who have used the preschool in Washingtonville. Parents can also leave feedback about their experience at St. Mary’s Little Lambs Preschool, so you can know what to expect when your child attends. Listed below are the contact information and reviews for the school. You can also look through the school’s website for more information.

Located on Ball Street, St. Mary’s Little Lambs Early Childhood Learning Center is a licensed daycare in Port Jervis, NY. The center is designed to nurture the intellectual and spiritual growth of young children and reflects the love of God for each person. With more than a century of experience, St. Mary’s Little Lambs is one of the few Catholic preschools in Port Jervis.

Allison Little Lambs Daycare

For those looking for a childcare center that values God’s word, look no further than Allison Little Lambs Daycare. The center is looking for assistant teachers, part-time office staff, and a full-time cook. If you have prior experience in a childcare environment, apply today. You must love children and God. Allison Little Lambs DayCare is located in a Christian community, so you’ll get to work alongside Christian families while helping their kids grow and learn.

A licensed child care center, Allison Little Lambs Child Care is located near the Trinity Reformed Church on Cherry Street in Allison, Iowa. Their program emphasizes sensitive interactions between children and teachers. Research indicates that quality group care experiences produce positive effects for children that last throughout their school years. Additionally, this child care facility emphasizes the importance of involvement by parents.

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Peace Lutheran Little Lambs Christian Center

The Little Lambs Christian Center, part of Peace Lutheran Church, is a fantastic place for families with young children to nurture their faith and learn about Christ. The staff provides both small group and individual time, as well as age-appropriate learning centers for children. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and utilizes Concordia Publishing materials. Children learn about God, prayer, and Scripture lessons.

The Welch evangelical Lutheran Church, headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin, works on issues of faith and religion. The congregation was founded in 1941. The Little Lambs Christian Center offers hands-on learning experiences and a curriculum based on Christian values. The center is open from 6:30 am to 5:45 pm Monday through Friday. There are currently two positions available. For more information, visit the Peace Lutheran Church’s website.

Treasured Little Lambs Daycare

If you’re looking for a child care service in Martinez, CA, consider Treasured Little Lambs Daycare. To contact them, you can find their address and phone number, as well as their hours and driving directions. You can also find out how to get to Treasured Little Lambs Daycare by visiting their website.

Little Lamb is an educational preschool in Macon GA with a maximum capacity of 79 children. They help infants and toddlers (13 months to two years), and preschoolers (3 years and older). The center participates in the federal subsidized child care program. This daycare also provides inspection reports, but ChildcareCenter encourages parents to contact the provider if they have concerns. The provider may have already addressed any problems noted by the report.

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