Mr Homecare Expands Into More Cities

As a leading on-demand home services company, Mr. Homecare offers services such as deep cleaning, pest control, car cleaning, electrical work, plumbing, and AC servicing. Its parent company, the Sila group, offers maintenance services for big infrastructure projects like airports, railway stations, and roads. As of June 2015, the company provides services in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. You can get a quote from Mr. Homecare online or through their app.

4.5 Stars For Quality Care

Mr. Homecare

A recent Yelp review of MR. Homecare in Cleveland, Ohio, revealed the services of this home care agency. According to this review, this provider received 4.5 stars for quality care. Overall, this facility consistently meets client expectations. Patients are highly satisfied with the services provided by this company, and many feel as though the employees have made a positive impact on their lives. Listed below are the main reasons that MR. Homecare in Cleveland earned this excellent rating.

Plans To Expand To 20 Cities

This expansion will be the biggest for the company since the first one started just a few years ago. It has grown from a single agency to a $1.3 billion home care service provider in New York. Mr. Homecare plans to expand into more cities as its customer base continues to grow. The company recently announced the hiring of three home care veterans to head up their marketing and sales efforts. These executives will be working closely with local home care agencies in the new cities.

Norma Recco, Founder of Recco Home Care Service Inc.

MR. Homecare, Cost Of Services

In-home care providers like Mr. Homecare of Cleveland provide personal home care and nursing services to people in their homes. They have been serving seniors in the Mayfield Heights area since 2011. Their services range from helping with errands to providing IVs, colostomy support, wound care, and short-term care. They accept Medicare, Medicaid, and private coverage. You can get the cost of services at Mr. Homecare of Cleveland online.

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