Oakbrook, Sunflower and Doggy Daycare in Summerville, SC

Are you looking for a child’s daycare in Summerville? Whether you are looking for an Oakbrook daycare, a sunflower daycare, or a doggy daycare, we have the answers you’re looking for. Read on to learn more! Also, check out our tips for selecting a daycare in Summerville! You’ll find them useful! Also, don’t forget to ask about local licensing and other important information.

Oakbrook Daycare Summerville SC

Children attending an Oakbrook daycare in Summerville, SC are encouraged to participate in physical activities during their daily schedule. The daycare staff provides materials and games for children to play indoors and outdoors and plans activities for children to do outside. The program promotes the least restrictive environment for infants and toddlers. Daily schedules are planned to provide opportunities for outdoor play and indoor activities when the weather is bad. Children get plenty of exercises while learning the importance of self-discipline.

Sunflower Daycare

The Sunflower Kids Daycare in Summerville, SC, is under fire on social media, with pictures and videos of unsanitary conditions being posted by parents and former employees. The daycare, which is located on North Main Street, is also the subject of a separate post from the facility’s website. The post includes photos and videos, including an image of an employee slouching a toddler. While the post is a bit misleading, it does offer some insight into the conditions at the Summerville daycare.

Doggy Daycare Summerville SC

Doggy daycare is a convenient solution to the dilemma of leaving the house alone. But when you go out of town for business or pleasure, you can’t leave your pet at home all alone. Dogs need companionship and exercise, and if you’re gone for a long time, you’ll likely find yourself worrying about your pup. Doggy daycare Summerville, SC, is designed to meet these needs.

Paws in Paradise uses web cameras to monitor its operation. The doors to the pen where the dogs sleep have their names and information. Parks walks the halls and checks on the cameras. Von tried to file a complaint against Paws in Paradise, but the South Carolina Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners only takes complaints against veterinarians. State Rep. Mike Sottile was unaware of the current state law regulating doggy daycares, so his office was unable to act on her complaint.

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