What you need to know about Sloan Elementary School!!

Sloan Elementary School is an outstanding school with 601 students. It is ranked within the top 20 percent of schools in Pennsylvania. The school serves a Non-traditional school setting. The school is a public school with a non-traditional school model. It is located on a suburban campus and is part of the Pittsburgh Public School District.

601 students

Sloan Elementary School serves 601 students. It is rated in the top 20% of all elementary schools in Pennsylvania, and ranks within the top 10% for math proficiency. The school also offers a high student-teacher ratio, with 15 students for every teacher. Sloan Elementary School’s teachers are dedicated to making learning fun and meaningful for all students.

Non-traditional school setting

The Non-traditional school setting at Sloan Elementary school provides the flexibility for children to learn at their own pace. Unlike traditional schools, where students progress from teacher to teacher, the Non-traditional school setting allows children to stay with the same teacher for two or three years. Students also get to choose their teachers.

The educational philosophy and approach of the school you select are important because they will directly impact the educational outcomes of your child. Private schools follow a more traditional approach to teaching, while non-traditional schools use an innovative, non-traditional approach. You will need to weigh your options before deciding on the best option for your child.

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Public school

Sloan Elementary School is a public school that serves the community of Murrysville, PA. It is a K-12 school and is part of the Franklin Regional School District. It follows the standards of public education set by the state of Pennsylvania. You can find out more about the school, including its tuition fees and admission requirements.

Sloan Elementary School has a low teacher-to-student ratio of 13:1. The school also offers a variety of programs and clubs, such as a robotics club. Students can also participate in an advanced placement program. The program was designed to prepare students for university coursework, and students who are successful in taking it can receive credits or exemptions.

Sloan Elementary School is a public school in Murrysville, PA that serves students in grades KG to 5. It is rated as one of the best schools in Pennsylvania and has a good rating from Great Schools. It has 614 students enrolled in Kindergarten through fifth grade.

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