Tailwaggers Doggy Daycare, The Most Unique Daycare in Town

Tailwaggers Doggy Daycare is a fun, safe, and social place for your dog to hang out after school or work. If you are looking for a doggy daycare facility in Los Angeles, consider Tailwaggers. This doggy daycare center offers two large outdoor play areas, supervised by human Pack leaders. They provide an enjoyable outdoor play experience for all of their guests, and even have an overnight sleepover option! Let your pet enjoy a full day of playtime with Tailwaggers! Find out more about Tailwaggers doggy daycare and their services!

Kanine Social Doggie DayCare

The new Kanine Social dog bar in San Diego now offers boarding and veterinary services for your canine companion. The facility opened in August 2018, and it offers both a doggie daycare and an indoor/outdoor dog park where owners can enjoy a drink while their dogs play. The Kanine Social building is 15,884 square feet, and the lease with S4 Sports Academy expires in two years. There is no cost to enroll your dog, and boarding and veterinary services are available on-site as well.

The Kanine Social has a craft beer and coffee bar on-site, as well as a dedicated area for small dogs. The taproom features a doggie play area, as well as three self-washing stations and a live webcam. The taproom is also open to the public, which is a huge plus for dog owners. Ultimately, the dog park is just as much a social experience for owners as it is for their canines.

Two Large Outdoor Play Areas

Tailwaggers doggy daycare and grooming in Green Bay, Wisconsin, offers indoor and outdoor play areas for the dogs. They use positive reinforcement and reward the desired behavior. There is no scheduled nap time at Tailwaggers, but you can monitor your pet’s activities via a private suite. You can even use the webcam to check in on them from your computer! You can even sign up for full-time daycare.

The outdoor play areas at Tailwaggers doggy daycare are great for dogs to burn off some energy after a long day at work. For an extra fee, you can entrust your dog with an overnight stay and a good night’s snack. Besides, daycare is included in your boarding fee. And the hugs are free! Located in the Verona Technology Park, Tailwaggers doggy daycare serves dogs from all over the country.

Doggy Daycare, Overnight Sleepover Options

If you have more time than you can spare each day, consider an overnight stay at Tailwaggers doggy daycare. Overnight guests stay on comfortable cots with fleece blankets and freshwater bowls. They can stay up until 6 p.m. on the day of departure, or they can stay the whole night. There are many extra services available to overnight guests.

Overnight sleepovers are available at Tailwaggers, and suites are equipped with a cozy cot, fleece pad, extra blankets, and a good night snack. Daycare is included with boarding, so your pet won’t have to worry about paying for meds and snacks. The daycare program is provided until the close of business, so you won’t need to worry about paying extra for extra care.

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Service Provided By TailWaggers Doggy Daycare

Tailwaggers Doggy Daycare

Dogs love to spend time outside! Tailwaggers Doggy Daycare offers two separate outdoor play areas that are individually fenced for your dog’s safety. Both areas are supervised by human Pack leaders who are on hand to make sure that your dog gets plenty of fresh air. Your pup will enjoy both indoor and outdoor playtime throughout the day. You can book an overnight stay at the facility or opt for an all-day stay with a daycare package.

Before you drop your dog off at TailWaggers Doggy Daycare, be sure to prepare the food that your dog loves. You should never switch your diet abruptly because it can lead to upset stomachs and diarrhea. TailWaggers accepts most breeds and treats. Aside from the delicious meals and fun activities, TailWaggers also offers a routine similar to yours. Your pooch will have a blast, as will you!

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