Terms and Conditions

With the development of technology day by day, as a result of the widespread use of the internet, the number of internet sites serving different purposes has also increased. However, it is not possible to get secure services based on user rights from every site. Our site, where everything sought for information, sharing, and news can be found, provides services following legal requirements and within the framework of confidentiality and security principles. Thanks to the service we provide following the Google Privacy Policy, we keep personal security at the highest levels.

On our site, professional services are provided following google policies and legal rules for the unauthorized use and sharing of the articles whose copyrights and all responsibility belong to the authors. Within the scope of our service policy, we publish where and how the data published on our site is collected and the information about the authors, within the framework of legal requirements, in a way that the responsibility belongs to the authors. In the use of the site, the most important thing for both the site owner and the users is the service based on the terms of use and privacy policy. To ensure both its own and user safety, our site implements the warning-punishment system in case of contacting the management for any unlawful behavior, although the source of all the information it publishes is clear. Every user who makes use of the services provided on our site is deemed to have accepted the changes to be made regarding the terms of use and privacy terms.

While the right to change the data on our site is kept confidential, a system based on google policies is applied to provide quality and safe service to users. After the unauthorized use of the data published on the site, the modification of the content and the implementation of the warning and removal system form the basis of the terms of use. Everyone who is a member of the site and adds data or makes use of the services is deemed to have accepted every application regarding the privacy and security policy. Our site serves to enable users to share according to their wishes following the law. Anyone who acts following legal requirements can make unlimited use of the services of the site. The criminal responsibility for every transaction made by the users on the site belongs to them. In case of any unlawful sharing, if we are contacted from our e-mail address, we, as the management, apply sanctions such as a warning and removal from the site, as a sanction for violation of our privacy policy.

Members and visitors of our site can use the shares following the privacy rules and terms of use following google policies. Users’ personal information is never shared with third parties following privacy principles. On our site, professional services are provided within the scope of google policies, and within their legal obligations, to provide quality service to users and to ensure that they uniquely use the site. Anyone who logs in to the site can benefit from the services by accepting the specified obligations.