The daycare center: you need to know that about this form of care!

Children need individual education and care according to their age. The term daycare center is often used as a synonym for kindergarten. But what is the difference between kindergarten and daycare centers?

What is a daycare center?

The daycare center, or daycare center for short, is an institution for the education, upbringing and care of children. Depending on the region, a daycare center can be a crèche, a kindergarten, or a day-care center. However, there are some differences between these childcare options.

NurseryThis institution looks after small children up to the age of three. Nurseries are often integrated into day-care centers.
kindergartenIn kindergarten, children aged three to seven are often only cared for in the mornings. Some kindergartens also offer lunch.
day care centerIn contrast to the kindergarten, the day-care center offers all-day care. Your children will be looked after from morning until late afternoon.
NurseryThe after-school care center is also called the after-school care center. Children between the ages of 7 and 12 are looked after thereafter primary school. This includes having lunch together, helping with homework, and then playing with other children.

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How much does a daycare place cost?

She does not give such a flat rate for a daycare place, because the costs vary depending on the federal state, and region. The parents’ contributions to the day-care center are made up of childcare costs and food costs.

care costs;
These costs relate to the regular daycare opening times. An additional childcare fee will be charged if you want to have your child looked after outside the regular opening hours.
subsistence costs;
This cost includes lunch.

First, you have to state how high your income is so that the youth welfare office can calculate the amount of the parental contribution. However, in some cities and federal states, attending the daycare center is free of charge. However, meals usually have to be paid for.

a notice;
The daycare center costs for private facilities are usually higher than those for municipal daycare centers. Private institutions often charge a parental contribution that is independent of income.
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